Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Papers from Web Analytics Association

I highly recommend the reading of this papers that are available on the Web Analytics Association web site.

They are trying to define standards on Social Media.
You can download these definitions here:

WAA Social Media Definitions

They also have a paper with the definitions for web analytics metrics:
WAA Web Analytics Definitions

Last but not the least they share some papers from their Premier Corporate Members:
WAA White Papers

Monday, September 26, 2011

Web Analytics Book List - Week #1

So I'm starting a list of some books that can help you getting some more knowledge about web analytics and everything that surrounds the subject. My first book of the list is "Web Analytics for Dummies" from Pedro Sostre.
In this book you will learn the basic concepts of Web Analytics and it's a great start to get into this area.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Web Analytics Courses

I want to share with you some of the most important courses that are currently available, and can increase your knowledge in SEO, Web Analytics, PPC, basically on Internet Marketing. With the current increase of specialized people in these areas, these courses are one of the most prospecting in the market. With the global economic crisis affecting all markets, and mostly affecting all wallets, these areas can help you to earn some money, and specially, to not spend on some expensive education that leaves to unemployment.

This is my list:

Market Motive

The certification programs are online and compared to others, are not that expensive, and have the support of one of the gurus in this areas, Avinash Kaushik that has one of the most important blogs in Web Analytics.

UBC Continuing Studies (Web Intelligence)

It is possible to take only the web analytics certification program or inclusive have some knowledge in Data Warehouse/ Business Intelligence and other important areas. The courses are also online.
One big advantage is the recognition of the Web Analytics Association. Jim Novo had also an important part on this certification.

Institute for Advanced Analytics (Master of Science in Analytics)

This course has lots of important areas all in one package. It's not online and is more expensive than the other courses but involves very important issues that the others don't mention. It is a Master degree and not a certification program so a comparison cannot be done. It also involves of course Web Analytics.

IE Business School (Master in Digital Marketing)

It is recognize has one of the most important business schools in Europe and this course is one of the most important courses of Digital Marketing in all the world. It is partially online. The course involves areas like SEO, E-Commerce, Mobile Advertising, etc...
If you have any more suggestion, or feedback of this courses please let me know.

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